About Us

Entelyglobal startup business bookkeeping /cash basis bookkeeping is suitable for startups and mid-sized businesses who are in their early stages of growth & do not require sophisticated & advanced accounting services but are just looking for bookkeeping services that are cost effective.

About Us
Our services are best fitted for enterprises having small or medium sized business, including those which are recently set-up. The idea is to provide reliable and accurate basic book keeping services to such companies at reasonable cost.

Try & experience our service (First month on us)
You don’t have to sign up with us for trying & experiencing our services. If you are someone who does not want to commit before trying, opt for our trial services which are free for the first month. We will do a month of your bookkeeping, and provide you with an income statement and balance sheet. Of course, the trial period bookkeeping does not include backlog/catch-up assignments and is subject to conditions with respect to the number of transactions we process.