Industries We Support

Here is a listing of roles and industries we support and what value proposition we offer them.

By Role


CEO plays a pivotal role in any organization being the spear-head of the operations & therefore would want to keep a close watch on business’s finances but wouldn’t have the time or energy to do so.

Our value proposition:

  1. Keeping track of your accounts & providing an accurate picture of your numbers.
  2. Interpret the numbers by conducting analysis to help with critical insights for important business decisions.
  3. Provide expertise with accuracy & efficiency at an economical price when the budget is the constraint.
  4. Prevent any cash flow situations & control existing ones as cash flow being one of the major reasons for business failures.
  5. Enable you to free up your time for operations where your business needs you.
  6. Provide dashboards presenting the overview of how the business is performing on vital KPIs.


CFO is responsible to manage the finance function of the business & therefore, is expected to provide key financial inputs to the CEO on timely basis to enable him make strategic decisions.

Our value proposition:

  1. Aid in Implementation & maintenance of accounting & reporting system.
  2. Management reporting & analysis.
  3. Manage cash flow & fund flows.
  4. Controller functions to ensure timely compliances.
  5. Budgeting & financial projections to help management manage finances & look for scaling up the business.
  6. Ad-hoc reports on demand.
  7. Dashboards for presenting the overall picture of the business & highlighting areas of concern.
Below are the people and industries we assist

Management Personals

CEO, CFO, COO etc are the essentizal roles played by experienced people and act as forefront for the business. Our services will assist them in keeping up-to-date on every aspect of business.

    • Providing precise picture and keeping track of your accounts.
    • A systematic accounting system will prevent wastage of time and resources which can be implemented on core business.
    • Various analysis reports on requirement basis.
    • Effective and efficient reporting of various aspects of business such as cost, revenue, taxes, production etc.
    • Will support them in maintaining balance between budget and actual numbers.
    • Accounting expertise will aid you in making strategies to achieve optimum profitability.
    • An organized and balanced accounting system will assist in making various forecasts based on reasonable assumptions.
    • Will ensure that the key financial statements are within the context of the relevant accounting standards.
    • Different analysis report will assist you in making various important business decisions.
  • Financial professionals will add value in the evaluation of the financial statement ratios relating to liquidity, asset management, profitability, debt management/coverage and risk/market valuation.

Investors are normally on the lookout to catch the business ideas early & reap the benefits when the business succeeds & scales up. Since these decisions involve huge risks along with rewards, the investors would want to make informed decisions based on reliable reporting & analysis on timely basis

Our value proposition:

  1. Reliable & timely reports & communication.
  2. Interpretation of the intricacies of the financial statements enabling investors to make smart decisions.
  3. Analysis of financial position through financial analysis.
  4. Evaluation of investment proposals & recommendations.
  5. Day to day bookkeeping & recons.
  6. Escrow account maintenance & recon.

External Stakeholders
External stake holders are investors, creditors, lenders etc, are usually on the lookout to seize the benefits when the business flourishes and reflects favorable outcomes. While their decisions involve huge risks along with rewards, they would like be up-to-date and informed about the financial position of the business.

  1. Accurate and precise data.
  2. Daily basis data recording and reconciliation
  3. Escrow Account maintenance
  4. Financial statement analysis
  5. Data analysis to assist in making strategic decisions